Have you ever been down the spice isle and wonder how we went from Morton’s table salt, to over a whole isle.  There is now offered every kind of salt from different brands, company’s, colors, name, even taste and scent.  But which one to choose, I have often asked my self which one taste better or is healthier, is the black salt better than the white or pink.  There is even more to it, our bodies need the minerals that are found in salt.

Well I want to share what I have learned:

Table Salt:

Never ever ever by white table salt, you should never be using anything whiter than your clean crisp linen.  This is refining at its best and we all should know what that means (this is my definition)– stripped down to nothing and vamped up with additives.  The whiter you get, does not mean the cleanest or freshest,  it usually means they bleached it.  Why would we need to add things to our salt, we just want salt beautiful natural salt.

Natural tide

Sea Salt:

Sea salt however is derived by taking sea water and evaporating the water out.  Is this better?          Well it is better if it comes from a place of clean natural sea water.  Most sea salts are fine, but I would read the labels, will it help you if the salt is derived from a processor who boils it so high that the minerals die.  What about a water source that is over polluted, I prefer to buy the Mediterranean sea salts.  The mineral count will depend on the body of water the salt is from, I have found a brand sold at Whole Foods called Natural tides.  It is a product of Spain, which is unrefined, the coarse salt is awesome on seared steaks and fish.

Himalayan salt:

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This  salt is taken straight from the Himalayan salt minds.  It is  made up of a natural state, and has traces of all 84 elements and minerals in the body.  The  non processing of the salt leaves it in it’s natural form, it is also said it has major health benefits.  It can be used in cooking or taken in water for the most benefits of the minerals.  In my search I have found no negatives about Himalayan salt.

In conclusion:

It is up to you which salt you prefer, but I would read labels to find out what processing and additive are in your salt.  I would definitely toss the white table salt and go for an alternative source.  Some of the best salts are sold at high end retail but not all are expensive.  If you are like me and buy in bulk you will save, it is also a great way to try different salts to find one that suits your needs and taste  (Central Market offers a whole shelf of Salt by bulk).

I have added some articles, that I liked about salt.  Please post your comments about your salt adventures, till next time.

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